The final night in England for the foreseeable future is here! Booking our flights back in January seems like only the other day, so being on the verge of flying is semi surreal. Joe is currently just finishing up his packing having the luxury of living so close to Heathrow, whereas Toby has been at work today then training it down to Reading this evening so was neatly packed up by 10am this morning.

How the mighty have fallen – I feel this phrase could be used in relation to Joe’s fall from male fashion supremo to a man with a delightful pair of dark green crocs in his bag. Toby, ever the failure of fashion, has continued this trend with his delightful Yellow shoes (kindly pointed out to him by his dad as looking like a Morrison’s own brand shoe).

Our flight out tomorrow is at a fairly leisurely time of 1pm so we’ll have time for a good coffee in the morning. It’s when we arrive in India the leisure stops with a 3am arrival followed by another 2 flights the next morning starting at 3am and ending at over 4000m. I imagine we’ll probably need a good couple of days to acclimatize and recover so you can expect our dramatic mission impossible style adventures to start round about the end of week.

See you up in the clouds

Toby & Joe