Four AM on Saturday and our alarms went off telling us it was time to say a sleepy goodbye to Jaisalmer and head for our 5am bus down to Jodhpur. The journey was pleasant, I (Toby) passed time quickly listening to some classic snow patrol, killers and bloc party – in the relative cool of the early hours. 4am is no longer a time that should only be seen if you are yet to head to bed, but now also a prime way to avoid the heat and arrive somewhere with the afternoon left to explore the area.

We went around the old city of Jodhpur having dropped our bags at our dingiest hostel yet (although only £1 each in a great location and with helpful staff) and took in the markets and back roads. Having now been to the sprawling markets of Delhi these markets no longer have the same impact they could do to someone just arriving into India.

This morning we were up early to go round the fort which provided impressive views and the audio guide was pretty interesting. Jodhpur is billed as the ‘blue city’ and whilst a fair few of the buildings give the landscape a smattering of blue, postcards are very carefully angled to maximise this!

Jodhpur has produced some gems in the way of food and drink. We went to a beautiful rooftop bar last night for gin and tonics (our first in India!!) with views over both the fort and the city. A classic sundowner, colonual style. It was situated above a fairly nice hotel and we definitely felt like this may be how the ‘other half’ experience India. Dinner was at a cheaper rooftop restaurant, but the food was great! I had a Thali which was excellent and Joe’s cashew nut, cheese and mushroom curry is definitely what I will be ordering tonight (sans mushroom).

We’re jumping on an overnight bus tonight (buses are better for shorter journeys we have discovered) to Udaipur, getting us in at 5am.. Slightly earlier than we would desire, but we have sorted our hotel for there and they have a chillout area we can crash in without having to pay for a room!

Onwards to Udaipur, supposedly the most picturesque spot in Rajasthan.