Our next stop on our tour of India has brought us to Udaipur, location of the shooting of the classic Bond film Octopussy, which we went to go watch last night in one of the multiple restaurants showing it daily and it was lots of silly fun!

Udaipur is probably the most developed large tourist place we’ve visited to date, and it shows with developed infrastructure and fancy hotels. The lakes here are beautiful. Joe and I spent our first day exploring the city and a couple of gardens and monuments slightly off the beaten track.

Yesterday we spent the morning visiting the palace of Udaipur with a guide we hired at the gate who was good fun and very knowledgeable! We spent a fair chunk of the afternoon choosing materials and being measured, as we’ve bought custom tailored shirts!! Just been in today to try them for alterations and they are very nice with a hint of Indian styling and flare to make them unique to our trip. They are going to be instantly parcelled up and sent out to Aus before India can perform its fabric destruction that it does so badly.

I’ve managed to get in a couple of yoga classes whilst I’ve been here, (I’m still terrible), and met another traveller in this morning’s class who is doing a research project on artwork here in India. This led to going to a local artist’s studio and seeing some of his work, which was exquisite – I think if you Google ‘Men of Rajasthan’ or maybe search on amazon you can find his published book done in collaboration with an American photographer. The prints look ok in the book, but in real life they were incredible!

Tonight we are heading to watch a traditional dance show, something that back in England I would avoid at all costs! It was recommended by our guide yesterday though, so I’m hoping it will be colourful and good fun! I’ll let you know in the next blog…