A rather brief blog today as we haven’t been up to much since our post in Udaipur, but I (Toby) want a post from each place we visit for when I’m reminiscing!

Today is a busy travel and sightseeing day. We were up early this morning to jump on a 7:30 local bus that brought us to Chittaurgarh, an ancient town, which hosts a 5km walled fort, comprising ruined palaces and temples in varying conditions.

There isn’t a lot else here in Chittaurgarh so we are jumping on a half 8 train tonight to take us onto the highly recommended town of Bundi, (I’ve just got off an interesting phone call with our hostel we tried to book, to confirm our late arrival and booking!). So today is a long day, but one that has so far proved worth the effort.

The fort here was fantastic to go around. To those reading who have been to Angkor Wat, this is the closest comparison I can think of. We hired a tuk tuk from the bus stand and set off around the multitude of sights located within the fort. The forts and temples are all of Jain design, who covered their buildings inside and out in intricate carvings, with many restored to lovely condition. The highlight of the trip was the Vijay Stambh tower, (tower of victory), which was not only spectacular from the outside, but allowed you to climb up the tiny weaving staircases to the summit nine stories above.

Joe and I spent as long as we could taking in all of the fort, but have still got back into the town by 2pm. Our train doesn’t leave until 8:50, so think it’s time for me to finish watching season 8 (the final season) of Dexter!

Before I sign off though I must mention the dance show from last night. It was fantastic, something I didn’t think I’d say about traditional dance. The location was lovely, costumes very colourful and the dancing involved things like fire pots balanced heads and swords in mouths. The only thing the performer’s had seemingly forgotten to learn was that looking like your enjoying yourself is part of being on stage (learnt that from watching many a MTS show); but I guess not smiling when you should (Indian’s posing for photographs is hilarious) is part of the culture!