Gosh I’ve, (Toby), done such a flurry of posts recently that it feels a fair while since my last upload, although I think it has only been a few days! Those days have been spent in the small town of Pushkar, a few hours south of Jaipur, our next destination.

Pushkar is a holy town built around a lake. It is dotted with numerous small temples and shrines, but is really known as a traveler’s hangout. As a result of this the ‘priests’ act more like touts trying to sell you flowers for the lake or make you buy a prayer.

The holy lake itself was actually drained a few years ago for cleaning, but evidently holy water can be quickly replenished and sitting on the ghats (concrete platforms surrounding the lake) especially during sunset is very peaceful. I have also spent a couple of days visiting slightly fancier hotels than our own to make full use of their pools and deck chairs. I’ve finished a couple of books, written some postcards and generally soaked up the sun! Definitely feeling re-energised for the next few cities.

Joe has had a couple of rough days recovering from the illness he had in Bundi, not helped by the fact that the water we had been drinking here, supplied by our hotel (which they had instructed was safe drinking water) is actually tap water – So definitely not safe drinking water for us! Luckily he is much better now, demonstrated by being up at his usual un-earthly early hour to take in sunrise by the lake.

Tomorrow we jump on a couple of local busses to hopefully be in Jaipur by midday. Unfortunately the place we wanted to stay is fully booked (maybe we have finally found a place in the height of tourist season, so far we have been able to dodge them), but I’ve chatted to a few travellers by the pool today who reccomended where to go to plenty of decent hostels.

On a side note, the song ‘hello’ came on in a mix I was listening to this afternoon, gave me a heavy reminiscing moment of fresher’s year! Hope everyone’s enjoying post uni life 🙂