Having my own place again has meant that I can have people round, something that I thoroughly enjoy. There was never much of a gap at uni between various things happening at our house, and its been the same out here, especially when the weekend’s are much needed relief from work. My balcony has proved a perfect little hosting spot, with the evenings here being a great temperature and al fresco dining/drinking being a popular February choice.

I decided to go all out with my hosting and spent the day cleaning the house and cooking up a Come Dine With Me worthy meal, with a full three courses and then the girls bringing along a desert. It went down a treat, but evidently our student days aren’t that far behind us and before we knew it was 4am, many G&Ts had been drunk, couple of bottles of bubbly and multiple bottles of wine and one of my friends decided to finish the evening throwing up around my bathroom with the aim of the toilet not being that great. Needless to say, my bathroom had never been cleaner the next morning!

One week later the welcomed arrival of Adam into town meant a repeat, albeit without the food and we did manage to make it into Sydney to sample some of the nightlife in the buildup to this weekends big Mardi Gra weekend.