Welcome to my new simple blog. It’s been a couple of months now since my last blog finished due to my transition from India to Australia and as I have no plans to return back to England any time soon I thought I’d start up a new one. Whilst the aim of the previous blog was to document each place that we visited, this blog is more general so won’t have quite as many updates and maybe some more ramblings.

I have been living out here in Australia for over two months now. In this time I’ve experienced an Australian (rainy) Christmas, camped along the East coast, had my entire hand swell up from an insect bite, had fond hellos followed to swiftly by goodbyes, experienced the true nervousness of needing to find a job in order to be able to live,  realized how soul-sucking jobs can be, been thoroughly washing machined by waves I definitely shouldn’t have been attempting to surf, realised the meaning of living for the weekend, drank horrifically over-priced cocktails, thrown dinner parties at my lovely central Sydney house, placed third in an adventure race, nearly completed all five seasons of Breaking Bad, gone back to surviving off pasta, met some great people and generally soaked up as much sun as possible!

Life out here is full of possibilities which is both extremely exciting and also rather daunting at the same time. I’ve applied to countless jobs in these past couple of months (apologies to anyone who is a reference on my CV) as I try to decide how I want to spend this next year, changing my mind frequently and ending up with tricky decisions to make. But as my dad said having to decide whether I want to shoot of to Thailand for a few months to teach or stay in Aus for winter and work with kids at a ski resort may be a difficult decision, but neither are exactly a bad choice. The advice of ‘Go with whichever makes you feel more excited’ was actually very helpful and the discovery of early acceptance with the ski resort leaving me grinning at my phone made up my mind to finally face a winter this August.