The unofficial capital of Australia has been my home for the past month or so now. Having come back and forth fairly frequently throughout January, I landed a job towards the end of the month and then using the sometimes slightly dubious service of gumtree subletted a room from a Canadian girl for the month. Our conversation when I went round having just been offered my job Monday evening to view it went a bit like:

‘Do you like the room’…’Yes, when is it available from’…’Well I fly out on Satuday’….’I need to move in tomorrow’…’I’m sure I can crash at a friends’….

And that was that house in Sydney sorted. I’m living here in a lovely house with fantastic housemates. The location is absolutely ideal, I work just next to central station, which is a nice little 20 minute walk away and gives me time to enjoy the fresh air and prepare for the hours on the phone ahead. There is a nice little park just by me and then a brilliant quaint coffee shop called ‘Coffee, Tea and Me’ which is just the right amount of hipster, my loyalty card is certainly well stamped. I’ve by complete chance ended up with the master bedroom so I have a huge double room and then a decent sized balcony (big enough to have a dinner party on), so all in all I couldn’t have been luckier with the accommodation.

Living in a city changes your opinion of it compared to when you are just visiting for a few days. Sydney is similar to London in that if you know where to go there are some brilliant and very affordable spots. For instance where to get $4 corona’s by the water or find great gelato that has Sydneysiders queuing longer than they would for a night club every night of the week.  It has been fantastic to properly stop and be in one place for over a couple of weeks, for the first time since I left uni really back in June. I’d missed having a space that was properly my own since leaving my house last year, so getting one back was fantastic. Space to just chill after work, to invite friends to and have no one judge if I decided to not head out the national museum as planned and actually just burn through a season of Breaking Bad instead.. I mean it was raining outside and I was a bit hanging.

I have seen a fair few of the sights of the Sydney, explored the various districts of this unofficial capital and sampled many of its lovely beaches – from overcrowded Bondi, to the delightfully peaceful and hidden Spring Cove tucked away behind Sydney Harbour national park, and then slightly by accident, but also because we were tired of walking an afternoon on a nudist beach. Sydney has delivered in general on its good weather promise, with plenty of hot, sunny days – far too many of which I have spent stuck in an office – and as I’m now almost finished for a months travelling, rain has seemed to set in.. It has two days in which to get sunny again!