Living in Australia has been the first time that I have ever needed a job, and it definitely adds a new dimension to job hunting. Previously jobs had been needed normally to save for future travelling, but there would always be the trusty student loan there to pay for all my living costs. Now whilst I was job hunting getting a job was a requirement in order to be able to live. If I couldn’t find a job I wouldn’t be able to make rent, buy food, head out with friends – basically live in Sydney.

Was definitely a stepping-stone into actual adult life, not having work pre-planned for when you arrive into a city – especially a place as expensive to live as Sydney. I found it could quickly take over your mind, with free minutes spent thinking about where you could search to find more job applications, sending off countless cvs, replying to emails to organise interviews and ensuring that your shirts are ironed to make the all important good impression. What made the whole process a bit depressing was knowing that I was only going to be working the job for a month, with travel plans throughout March already made. This also meant I was a bit reluctant to work for a small independent business, having worked for one before, I know the time and investment they make into their staff and screwing them over after a month was something I was keen to avoid.

I managed to find a job within 5 days of being in Sydney, which when writing it down on paper seems like a very short amount of time, but it definitely was a nervy 5 days. As I wrote it was pretty dire job, but it was somewhere that was constantly employing so I didn’t feel bad about quitting with zero notice and the money earnt paid for my adventures within Sydney and will cover the majority of my travelling costs this month.

Now into the beginning of week two of my adventures around Aus, currently exploring the fabulous city and surrounds of Melbourne, the fun/stress of finding another job come March is something I am trying hard to keep out of my mind! The big plus of being so free is that I can literally pick a place within Australia and head out there to try find work. Gives you a great freedom to choose places to live and having done it once already, I go into it with more confidence on the repeat.