So this month is my month of adventure out here in Aus. Having put in the hours for a month, Australia’s deliciously high minimum wage means that I can just about finance a bit of exploration before getting back to the grind. Having travelled the East coast when I was 18/19 it wasn’t top of my list and with a few different friends arriving over throughout the month an action packed itinerary was created.

I’ve just finished up a short trip in the Northern Territories with Adam – exploring Uluru, Kata Tjuta and King’s Canyon. The scenery was spectacular and definitely a place taken off of the global bucket list. These places are probably the remotest I’ve been, with a 2.5 hour flight over nothingness to get to the charmless town of Alice Springs and then a further 6 hour drive to final arrive at camps near Uluru. Our initial plan to do this trip as a little road trip, was very quickly knocked down by the first Aussie met, and then our plan to do it self-drive from Alice also quickly turned into booking onto a trip due to the huge distances needed to travel and their comparable great value.

The trip was fantastic, even if it did involve sleeping in ‘Swags’ ie canvas bags out in the desert (it was definitely budget), with the only major downside – apart from our bus breaking on the way back and three hours in 35 degree heat and no aircon – was the hideous amount of flies that exist there. Despite our fly nets, you were still constantly swatting away flys and eating was definitely a challenge. The respite when the sun went down was so very welcomed.

We arrived this weekend down into Melbourne – arriving in what can only be termed a Guantanamo Bay styled cage of a terminal that is supposedly temporary whilst the real terminal is being redeveloped. Needless to say all the other airlines had nice temporary places, it was just us budget travellers that were left with the cage to deal with. We did have the absolute treat of being picked up from the airport by Adam’s family friends who he last saw when he was four, but have happily hosted us this weekend. We’ve been living in the luxury of private rooms and explored the outer areas of Melbourne – including their great wine valleys – thanks to being driven around as well as shooting into the city each evening for ‘Moomba’ annual city festival.

Tomorrow we head back into dorm room life in the heart of Melbourne to enjoy the rest of the week taking all this artsy city has to offer.