A new city, a new house and a new job. My bags are now unpacked for a couple of months and I have my freshly laundered clothes in a wardrobe (!) with more shelves than I know what to do with. I have just had a manic week which happens when you arrive in a new city, scouring endless adverts for rooms in houses, replying to job adverts and hitting the streets to pop into places asking for work.

My arrival into Brisbane was made much smoother thanks to my friend Lilly and a girl from my uni called Maddi that I have never met, but allowed me to use her room whilst I got settled as she was in the UK. So a massive thanks to them and Maddi’s housemates for hosting me, it makes arriving in a new place so much easier.

I managed to find a room to live in within my first couple of days here, a fantastic house in East Brisbane surrounded by the river so nice and peaceful and just a 20 minute bus (or ferry) ride into the cbd (See where I live here – if you zoom out a bit it has my work also) . A bit of a different set-up to anywhere I have lived before, with a lady living downstairs who manages the property, but she’s a babe hence why I thought I’d enjoy living here. The house is pretty awesome with a nice open living space and I have a big double room – all for the same price as what I was paying for a tiny 4 bed dorm room in the middle of nowhere last week! I’m living with a mix of international people, another Brit, a Finnish girl and a couple of guys from South America – so we’re a very international bunch and everyone seems friendly.

My new house!


I have also got myself a couple of jobs, my main one working at the Bavarian Bier Bar in central Brisbane – a rather fancy large bar/restaurant – where customers in expensive looking suits part with over $20 for a litre of German beer. The irony of working in a German bar whilst living Australia and being a Brit was not lost on me, but I reckon probably about 70% of the staff are international, I’m not quite sure where Australian’s work as I haven’t met a lot of them! It was the first time I have a got a job by walking into the venue and asking to see the manager to see if they have any work. It was definitely a nerve racking experience, but that is how nearly all hospitality jobs are filled over here, no-where publicly advertises. So a trial shift later and I’m on the rota for next week. Annoyingly its the easter holidays over here at the moment, so for the next two weeks I don’t have huge number of shifts, but still enough to save a little after my living costs. I won’t be earning anywhere near what I was earning in Sydney, but at the same time I don’t despise my job and I’m not needing to save a lot of money in a short amount of time. There were plenty of adverts looking for call centre staff where I could have earnt over $1000 a week again, but I didn’t really want to put myself through that, so this will be much more enjoyable.

I have also got another casual job working for an events company, just working the pop up bars when needed. So a very casual ad-hoc job, but a good supplementary wage. I may try and see if I can find a morning job in a cafe somewhere, but now that I have a couple of jobs sorted, there isn’t the same rush as my living expenses are covered.

It was also my birthday last week, (thank-you for all the birthday messages), it was rather weird having my birthday in a new place as it was basically a completely normal day with opening my cards being done digitally rather than the physical item (the downside of no fixed address). I saw my birthday in with wine at some of Lilly’s friends house, who said they wished they had knew beforehand then they’d have got a cake! So a very relaxed day, but my present has been getting settled so quickly. In terms of doing touristy things, I find it difficult to enjoy sight-seeing when I’m unemployed so haven’t really done anything to note. Going to make more of an effort next week to check out the museums and hotspots of Brisbane, now that I don’t have to think about where the money will come from.

Lilly departed this morning for her couple of months of adventure around NZ and Fiji, so I am now having to find my own friends rather than borrow hers! Planning a few trips with housemates to get to know them and hopefully people at work are up for doing things – but the bar has such a high amount of staff that I was bombarded with names of my trial shift – all of which I subsequently forgot. Must try harder! So now that I’m settled I’m having a search for local sport clubs to get involved with, but the annoyance is being here for a couple of months limits me to casual sport only and I don’t want to shell out a fortune in memberships/equipment only to have to try sell it all in a couple of months. So we’ll see how that develops, but for now Brisbane is my new home!

EDIT: I got offered another bar job this afternoon at a very cool little central bar called Brew – so I’ve accepted that and hopefully will be able to work both the bar jobs – see what happens!