Happy Easter everyone! This delightful holiday has played havoc with my settling down process in a new city, with bars generally not being open as much or being as busy as they normally are due to Australia’s frankly ridiculous licensing laws. Like it’s actually illegal to drink on Good Friday, so most places shut for the entire weekend, meaning I take a big cut in my hours.

Very frustrating when I kind of want to be working a lot to try and save a bit of cash. I’m semi broke at the moment, so I’m eating a lot of plain pasta. I’ve hit the situation where I’ve had to pay for things upfront, yet am having to wait to be paid myself, meaning all my money becomes tied up and I’m counting down for payday. For example I’ve had to pay for my two weeks rent in advance and then they also have two weeks’ worth of rent in a  security deposit on my rent which I’ll get back when I leave, but my wages have a week’s delay on them due to the time it takes to process it.

So money worries are around but I’m doing my best to ignore them as the money will eventually turn up and then I can go and buy some meat! Then also book my flights and things for the next leg of my journey. I feel in a bit of weird settled position as despite the fact I’m here for longer than I was in Sydney, time is going so quickly that my mind is already thinking forward to when I’m working at the ski resort.

For which I am completely unprepared…

I never envisaged that my trip to Australia would involve going to a snowy climate. Let alone living in one for several months and so this throws up a few new challenges that I need to prepare for.

  • I need to figure out how to get to the ski resort. As I’m arriving before the season properly gets going, the main greyhound buses from Sydney aren’t running, so I’ll need to find some other bus company, (that will probably be horrifically expensive), to take me there.
  • Next I’ll need to purchase some clothing. I have no winter clothing or even autumnal clothing with me. Absolutely ziltch. From footwear, to gloves, jumpers, thermals – nothing that is designed to withstand below 15 degrees.
  • I’ll probably want something to actually ski on. This is where things could get expensive and I’ll need to search carefully. When you’re going on a week’s holiday and it’s 60 quid for your skis, boots and poles you think no problem, but when it’s more like 15 weeks that’s suddenly a lot of money, so I’ll probably be best off trying to buy a cheap set and selling them when I leave.
  • Then I have more boring things like insurance to upgrade, as I’d rather not be left stranded on the slopes if anything does happen.

So I’m already looking ahead despite having only just really got going here, which I know is bad, but I can’t help it. My first job at the Bavarian Bier Bar is going very well, it’s a fun place to work and not too stressful. The biggest struggle is trying to remember everyone’s name, as they have such a large number of staff. My job at Brew is still to get going which is a bit frustrating, as they’ve been shut for the past four days. Hopefully I’ll pick up a couple of shifts this week as it has been two weeks now since I did my trial shift, so going to have to quickly work out their computer system again. The downside of being bar staff is that all places want you at the same time, but hopefully I’ll get this worked out and try get a couple of day shifts at either venue.

The other big downside about working nearly every evening is that this is when social things happen, with trainings for sports clubs being after-hours. My only other alternative is running clubs who head out for runs at around 6am, but with not getting in until 1am I don’t really fancy being up at 5 to go for a run! This is due mainly to the fact that people work during the days, but also that the heat here through the day is still seriously hot, I don’t think Brisbane has an Autumn as we’re still hitting the thirties.

I made the most of the heat over this long weekend, heading to the South Bank man made beach and pools on the Friday, spending the Saturday heading out to Mount Coot-tha which gives you nice panoramic views over Brisbane and has some nice walking trails through the woods, although my attempt to go see the waterfall led to seeing some dry rocks due to the lack of rain.

Panorama from Mount Coot-tha
Panorama from Mount Coot-tha

Yesterday I went with a couple of housemates down to Surfers Paradise spending most of the day on the beach. It had been almost a month since I went in the sea, so was a necessary trip! For some reason I found their signs prohibiting surfers in the swimming area rather amusing, I’ll let you judge for yourself.


My travel costs for the weekend have been zero dollars which has been fantastic thanks to my travelcard having hit its max price with my journeys to and from work so charging me nothing for my travel until next week – fantastic!

So one week left of the school Easter holidays, and then hopefully work schedules will be back to normal and I’ll manage to get my hours up closer to forty a week. I’m only working about 25 hours this week and all in the evenings, but Caitlin and Kirstie are arriving mid-week, so I’ll have time to catch up with them!