Now that I’m settled down into a location I don’t really have as much to blog about, which is something I know other friends have a realised once they’ve gotten into a routine. My life is now pretty similar to how yours is, just with a slightly warmer climate.

I’m enjoying my jobs and working nearly every day, I run back from work each night so get in a 5k run and I now walk the extra ten minutes to take the ferry to work rather than the bus as it’s such a nicer way to prepare for a shift with a nice river breeze as the city approaches. I’m getting on well with other work people and most importantly I’m keeping up with the new Game of Thrones! So yes, everything is nicely settled.

I had a fun time catching up with a Kirstie and Caitlin when they were in town. The highlight was our day trip out to Stradbroke island, which was absolutely beautiful with its white sandy beaches and clear blue water. Having such a beautiful place so close is pretty surreal and I’d like to say I’d go back, but the transport to get their is pretty expensive so it will be a one time thing!


We also went to the modern art museum after having a few beers in the sun on the South Bank, which did their best to liven up a circle of rocks also known as modernist expression. I had the girls round to see my house over before they left, which started very pleasantly and ended with me having to remove a very aggressive, drunk little Mexican man from my house who my housemate had kindly left when he went to work. The hilarity of the whole affair did make up for a slightly spoiled afternoon send off.

I’ve started the process of organising myself for next month, when I will be departing from Brisbane. My buses are booked and I’ve got in touch my insurers. Now that I have a couple of paychecks I can start looking for a bit of winter clothing! It is a shame that I’m not staying in one place than a couple of months, but I just want to do too much! I could easily imagine myself spending a few more months up here in Queensland, (I think having a fun sociable job is a big part of this!), but the slopes will be great fun.

Other than that I’m afraid I have very little to report. My title to the blog is not just a reference to everything going smoothly, but also to some fantastic music I’ve been listening to – Swing House music. It’s a take of jazzy piano and sax music with a swing rhythm mixed in with some house beats. It’s basically the music that should have been used in the modern Great Gatsby film as opposed to the very good, but completely unfitting Jay-Z soundtrack. One of my favourite artists of this genre is a guy called Parov Stelar, this is a track off his 2013 album The Art of Sampling which has been accompanying my late night runs back through the city.

Running over the monstrous steel Story bridge, (a popular suicide point – now with free phones to suicide helplines), which is daintily lit up with coloured lights, I have the skyscrapers of central Brisbane towering over me on my right their lights reflecting in the river and then the comparative darkness of my suburb on the left as I attempt to get my shift-weary legs  back home in under 19 minutes.

This isn't actually a shot from Story bridge, but I don't take my camera on runs!
This isn’t actually a shot from Story bridge, but I don’t take my camera on runs!