Not an awful lot in my life has changed since I posted just over a week ago.. I have worked every evening and now have a nice balance of 4 days at Bavarian followed by 3 at Brew. So yes I am working 7 days a week, but it doesn’t really feel like that as I usually don’t start until the afternoons/evenings, so have my days three to not explore all of the art galleries. Brew has become a fantastically fun place to work, with it being a small independent business you have to do everything and it’s a much tighter knit team. My cocktail skills have improved dramatically in the past week, now that I can make our most popular ones, (the espresso martini is worth every dollar – all 16 of them), I just need to start making them with a bit of flair as opposed to concentrated/worried face as I’m hoping I’ve done it properly/the Boston shaker isn’t going to fly apart!

Brew is also the first bar that I’ve worked that allows staff to drink whilst on the job. From rushed ‘staff meetings’ involving quick shots during manic Friday nights to a few nice G&Ts on a chilled Saturday evening shift. Makes for a very fun atmosphere to work in although a bit tougher on the runs home, especially when a quick knock-off drink at the end of a shift suddenly becomes 4am still drinking and the manager suggesting maybe we should put in $10 each as we’ve probably gone over the acceptable amount of free drinks! My runs have been going well, I hit 18.39 for my 5k home last week, although last night when I stood up after eating between my shifts something tweaked in my knee. Yes whilst standing up.. I felt like I’d aged in one meal sitting! It’s not too bad, but I’m going to sign up for the Brisbane ‘Borris’ bikes today so I don’t put any stress on it for the next week or so, don’t want to have any niggles when I hit the slopes in under a month!

My ski gear collection is growing steadily. I now have a set of twin tipped skis (for all my backwards skiing I like to do), a pair of decent ski boots and I’m waiting for the delivery of my thermals, socks, jacket and ski pants. I’m using my Kathmandu voucher won back in February with my uncle during  our adventure race to get a really good pair of winter gloves and then I just need to get my goggles sorted. Definitely going to be a shock going from this endless summer I have been in since last June to a very long winter; we had a cold snap of 18 degrees for a few days last week here in Brisbane which is weather I would have normally still considered summer, and I didn’t view it cold enough to throw on a jumper, yet my body apparently disagreed and my lips became seriously broken and cracked. So I’m trying to make sure I have enough winter gear to survive the slopes.

Going to be a fun overnight train journey down to Sydney when next month comes around with all my gear, I have amassed several bags now, so budget flying is out of the question, so instead it’s a 12 hour night train. I have a feeling that the overnight trains here won’t be as nice as the Indian sleeper carriages, and it has certainly cost a lot more.

Anyway that is pretty much an update of me for the past week; I got a Skype tour of my dad’s new house last night followed by watching the rather straight-forward end to the title race. Luckily this summer is the world cup, so I won’t have three months without football and the media will have more to write about rather than endless transfer rumours – although there were already about three articles this morning on who’s moving where *sigh*.