So I’ve had a bit of a bumpy week here down under, and life is now just starting to return back to normal (ie back at work!). I tripped on Monday down a flight of stairs and went for a bit of a slide face first which made me look decidedly like someone had tried to mug me, with my boss saying that:

“At first you looked like you’d been in a fight with Hulk, then maybe just with Ironman, now I’d say you look like you’ve just been in a fight with a person”.

Not only did I manage to cut up my chin, nose, cheek, eyebrow; but most damagingly knocked out about three-quarters of my front tooth – something that I have to rate as fairly painful – and that my old dentist, who put me through around five years worth of braces and eight extractions, would probably cry at the desolation I had done to his hard work with a little tumble.

Luckily facial wounds heal up remarkably quickly and a little under a week later with the assistance of  a $600 emergency dentist’s appointment I’m almost back to 100%. Hopefully I’ll be able to claim about half of it back on my insurance, but it takes time and I have to post the original paperwork back to the UK rather than just email in scans of them. I was back at work for my first shift last night since the fall and have been rostered back onto full time starting today.

For my final 11 days here in Brisbane!!

I can’t believe it’s all gone so quickly and it does suck a bit having to move on just a few weeks after I really feel settled, but that’s what you sacrifice when trying to squeeze in lots of experiences. I know the ski season will be epic, but I do wish I had another month here first. Especially when I keep seeing daily reports that there isn’t really any snow yet and the season will be a late starter, I have a bit of feeling I won’t really be given many hours in the first few weeks, which will be a pain knowing I gave up two jobs to travel down.

My enforced time off work gave me a bit of time to do a bit more exploring of Brisbane and start up a new class that I found through groupon. To anyone who read my India blog you’ll know what a fun week I had being absolutely terrible at yoga, so when I saw a deal on hot yoga classes just down my road how could I not sign up!

The first thing to say about hot yoga is that it does live up to it’s name. The room is heated to around degrees and I don’t think that I have ever sweated quite so much in my life. I arrived down at my first ‘active beginners’ class on Wednesday evening after a couple of days just sleeping as my body healed. I’d picked up a cheap $10 yoga mat the week before to avoid paying the hire fee every session and I was in my running gear all ready to further my attempts touch my toes (or more realistically my ankles). The class was good and I wasn’t that far below the general standard which was refreshing, I guess the majority of people who go to the spiritual heart of yoga in India are probably going to be fairly decent at it, so this was the first time I was surrounded by like-wise inflexible people.

My favourite part of yoga is definitely the end. When you get a nice ten minute lie down to find your ‘spirit balance’ or something. I’m not huge on the spiritual part of yoga to be completely honest I do it more for the exercise and breathing control, but I do have to say normally in that lie down my mind is definitely more a peace; probably because it’s exhausted. On this occasion though I found that as I went for my lovely lie down the squelching  noises, that had started becoming more frequent from my mat towards the end of the 90 minute class, revealed the true extent of my sweating and I was left lying in a miniature lake. As I contemplated the world around me in the lie down, I realised with a worldly revelation, exactly why everyone else had towels covering their mats. Otherwise you end up like me, walking home in clothes literally dripping from excess sweat.

A delightful image, and one I learnt from, so I now take a towel as well as my mat! I’ve been to a few classes so far and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I’m looking forward to the next 7 or so I have before I depart for the snow (or slushy mountainsides.. we’ll see), in which time I’m pretty sure I’ll have reached at least lower shin touching ability!