The world is a blanket of white outside, parked cars become half buried overnight and the giant tractors are constantly running trying to keep the roads operational.

What does this mean for me? Fresh tracks all day, powder riding up past my waist and the closest feeling to flying I’ve had. Steep drops become like floating down a waterfall as the lightest, driest, fluffiest snow I’ve ever felt puffs up around you. This snow isn’t like Aus in that it sticks to you and soaks through your clothing, you simply get too the bottom and brush it off as you scamper, (or shuffle, powder skis are pretty tough to move in), to get back on the lift’s.

Did I mention I’ve actually only been out twice, with the snow being what a local described as ‘pretty good, but hardly epic yet..’ I think it’s pretty epic personally, but this is my first real powder and I have been told that Japan ruins you, in the way that you will forever be comparing future conditions to here, and it never quite being, well, Japan. So who knows 8 weeks down the line I may be laughing as to how I found opening day so good.

This morning I went out snowmobiling with a great bunch of the NBS/SkiJapan team, blasting the machines out across untouched plains bouncing around as you bump through the gully’s and trying to put enough power down to not get stuck when sneaking off track through the powder (I only had to be rescued once, which I thought was quite an achievement!) The hardest part was remembering to look around at the spectacular scenery whilst trying to focus on the snow as you speed along – the snowmobiles take a fair bit of effort to control and if you hit an embankment they become pretty unstable. A few pics below (stolen from other people’s Facebooks – I didn’t take a lot of shots on my own camera).

JapanTonight I’m out for our staff season opening party, hosted by an awesome cocktail bar, Amaru. Tomorrow morning is my first real day at work, so will be keeping tonight fairly tame. Been really looking forward to properly getting going after inductions and job specific training I’m kinds itching to just get going!

Oh and this is my lovely house – all ready for Christmas

20141207_160208And this is the random wall made out of ski’s – Japan is cool!