We pulled into a grey and rainy Hiroshima after not the most comfortable night bus over, the chairs just aren’t designed to fit our larger Western bodies, so upon arriving at our hostel we crashed out in the lounge room as we recharged.

Hiroshima is an example of renewable. Walking round the nice boulevards and leafy parks it is easy to forget this all due to the nuclear bombing of this city. The museum was morbid, with photographs, remains of clothing, debris and audio stories of people’s suffering, but it was well presented despite undergoing renovations. The positive outlook towards the end of the museum was needed, before viewing the rest of the memorials.

After our afternoon taking in the history of the city we went to see the modern day culture, in the form of Hiroshima’s terrible baseball team. It was a fun, slightly drunken evening where after 9 innings the away team won one nil. Pretty spectacularly appalling for a baseball score apparently, but you go for the crowd, they absolutely love it and get so involved as player after player either fails to hit the pitch or can’t make it to first base.

The next day after a frustrating yet entertaining morning getting my Japanese money turned into a range of currencies involving many hand signals, scribbled numbers and being shown charts, we set off for Miyajima island. The island famous for its floating temple, (a temple on stilts), also features lots of hiking opportunities. Unfortunately for crippled Eoghainn I didn’t realise what appeared a small nature trail was actually a pretty serious climb.

Japan does a lot of things well, but maps aren’t one of them. They love rotating maps, not giving scales and not listing turn offs you don’t need. They also don’t really do signposts, so we didn’t really know where we were half the time. We went way off grid and hiked up through the forest. Eventually we reached the mid way station for the cable car where the guys headed down and I ran the next 5km of the loop.

The views from the top were pretty amazing and watching the tide come in around the temple over sunset was nice. Yesterday was a super chill last day, the weather peaked 30 so a bit of sunbathing then dull admin like laundry and planning departure . We went out for a final dinner with a group we met over rooftop sundowners and saw the memorials floodlit.

Eoghainn shot off early this morning to catch his train back to Tokyo so I’m now traveling for the first time solo, something I’m both excited and a bit nervous for. Landing point is Beijing (eventually), I’ve planned pretty much nothing, looking forward to just taking things as they come and moving places as and when I feel.

I let you know how I get on.