The overnight bus to Kunming wasn’t the best journey ever, the bed seats weren’t long enough so I was fairly cramped all night and the bus did a lovely two hour stop from 2-4am. Nevertheless we weren’t too exhausted upon arrival back into a much sunnier Kunming and got the dull essentials like laundry sorted.

We went down to the park in the afternoon to people watch, enjoying the Chinese matching outfits: him & her, mother & daughter, family combos.. All very entertaining. We went the local student area, getting a very cheap (and fiery) final dinner.

Today Kathrin and I parted, her up to Beijing, and for myself my China journey is over and I’ve moved on to Hong Kong. After a very lengthy check in process, which ended with me carrying all my luggage on as hand luggage, I was airborne and Hong Kong bound!

Stepping off the plane I was hit with the humidity here. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a sticky climate and a vast contrast to glacial evenings of Shangri-la just three nights ago. I’ve massively underestimated the general expense of Hong Kong, it’s not quite London price, but easily York price. So monies have been moved and my travel card duely topped up to last the week (I hope!) Already I can see just how much more Western the city is, more international chains, English is widely spoken and the general mannerisms of the people are more Western.

I got off the bus from the airport in the early evening and have just wandered the local area getting my bearings. I’ve had my dates for Hong Kong for ages so managed to book into a great tiny hostel right at the Southern tip of Kowloon near the estuary. I’m currently sat with the masses on the river bank waiting for the daily light show to commence, the city is so bright here it gives the clouds a ghostly light as they hover above the city.