Hong Kong has been one of my favourite Asian cities. Whilst Kuala Lumpur and Singapore can feel like endless shopping malls, Hong Kong has lots to offer and it competes with Tokyo for excitement. The city has the world’s most densely populated area, yet is a short bus/ferry ride away from hills, islands and beaches.

Hong Kong is a city always bustling, but shines brightest at night when the dark skies shadow the cracks of the upper levels of ageing buildings and the lower levels shine their vivid colours on you. The clouds loom over the skyscrapers, given a ghostly presence, with the brightness of urban life below filling them.

I’ve had a couple of new experiences whilst here: eaten at my first Michelin starred restaurant serving incredibly tasty baked BBQ pork buns and I’ve finally been to the horse races, (having never stepped foot in the big one about five minutes from where I grew up), losing every bet I placed, but still loving the jubilee atmosphere.

The essential tourist hotspots were ticked off, seeing Big Buddha on Lantau island and taking the tram up to the peak overlooking the city. On both trips I then wandered to either the Tai O fishing village or down the old road through the Soho district, which shares many similarities with its namesake back in London.

Markets have been wandered day and night, merchants haggled with and local foods sampled. Drinks have been consumed, then consumed some more. Last tubes have been run for and caught, whilst 25th birthday celebrations have led to all night adventures in the city out to the hills and the subsequent painful journey trying to figure our way back the next day.

Hong Kong is a place always on the go, yet it is also such a rewarding place to just stop and sit. Whether it be alongside the river bank, up atop the peak or as you float across the river on the famous Star Ferry, it truely is a beautiful place. I feel like I’ve done so much here, yet there is plenty I didn’t get a chance to do, so I’ll definitely be using Hong Kong again as a flying base.

To everyone met here, thanks for making the city so much fun and I should also say a huge thanks to Sam, our hostel owner, who took us to his favourite hotspots and got the party started. I’ll be back!