One week and two capital cities. The pedometer has been clocking many 30000+ step days as we explore day and night. Belgrade had lots of cool areas, but was outshone by Budapest’s architecture, with beautiful buildings lining both sides of the river.

In Belgrade we got on some bikes to explore fully the city and outer suburbs on the other side of the river and head down to their massive man made swimming lake. The food in Belgrade was fantastic, a very meat orientated diet, but they know how to BBQ. The arts district had lots of cool little bistros and bars, with some of the riverside places having super chill out spots as you sipped a G&T.

Also on the river are loads of stationary boats that have been transformed into bars and clubs, we had fun night out starting with a very sophisticated jazz bar in the arts district of the city and ending in some dodge club on a boat. The meander back as the sun came up washed the city in a beautiful light, the views probably enhanced by the alcohol.

We had two sunrise walks home whilst in Budapest, the first after a bar crawl evening, seeing some of the ruin bars here and meeting other backpackers, then again after our day & night at Sziget festival.

Sziget was seriously epic. We only found out about it a week ago, but picked up tickets and went for a day. Steve, my mate from ACLE, joined us and we headed out to the island until the next morning. The acts were good, but the highlights of festivals for me aren’t the headliners, rather everything else: random foam parties, colour parties, little dance zones that turn into mini crazy dance parties until 6 in the morning.

Budapest has jumped itself straight into my top five cities around the globe. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful, our picnic dinner up on the hill overlooking everything was amazing, and it’s art, music, culture and nightlife are fantastic. Like Hong Kong, it’s definitely a city I’ll return to, there’s more I want to do and I’d love to experience it during winter.

Today Cornelia, Steve and I are train bound to Slovenia where we meet another tutor Jackie to head camping by lake Bled. Yesterday we bought a tent and mats for our adventure and I’m now relieved to be on the train after arriving at the wrong station in Budapest with 20 minutes to make a 20 minute journey to catch the train. We were pretty sweaty as we got on.