Our journey has taken us West, trundling through endless fields and plains, 8 hours to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. It’s small charming centre lining the river zoning in on its triple bridge connecting everything. The architecture is again beautiful, but the city doesn’t have the same impact when viewed from above as Budapest, and is better appreciated wandering through its streets.

We grew to a party of four for our time here, and after briefly checking out the capital, we bussed it out to the fairytale town by Lake Bled. Bled is serene and also very small, which meant budget accommodation with such short notice wasn’t an option, so we had found a campsite lakeside and with our new camping gear were ready to go.

After several months with basically zero rain, typically the week we are heading camping the forecast is for thunderstorms all week. We were lucky enough to get our tent up whilst it was dry and whilst it downpoured at the beginning of our camping the final two days were relatively rain free. Our little tent withstood anything thrown at it, although the evenings were still pretty chilly as none of us had sleeping bags.

Bled is a lovely little town and the clear water of the lake is beautiful. The morning sun rays as I ran round one morning, reflected off the lake’s bed, lighting it from within across its span. We’ve rented boats and stand-up paddleboards to picnic and explore, and done lots of swimming. We also headed out to a nearby gorge to go canyoning, where you jump, abseil, slide and zip line your way down a collection of waterfalls.

After a final morning by the lake, where it was hot enough to sunbathe, we returned to the capital where a real bed was lovely to crash into. We’ve spent another day seeing the rest of Ljubljana and now head back into Croatia as we ride towards Zagreb. Hoping to use it as a quick stopover on the way to the national park, but we haven’t planned anything so just winging it.