Two years and fifty two blog posts later and we’re into 2016, time is certainly flying by. It is strange to think when I started this I was just about to move down to Sydney and experience a ‘winter’ of forty degrees. A year later I’d be up in Niseko experiencing a real winter of minus thirty, and now I find myself here in Spain with a winter much more like home, a drizzly 7 degrees.

I’ve just returned from a fantastic three weeks back in England, managing to see the majority of my friends and family. It was lovely to head back up to York and do pretty much nothing. Just days relaxing by the fire, playing board/card games and eating good food. York was horrendously flooded and the rain was pretty set in, so didn’t feel guilty at all spending so much time just sat around. I also met my new baby little sister who was only 6 weeks old and very cute.

I ventured down to London for New Years and early January, couch crashing (thank-you!) as I saw as many people as possible. Had a great time heading round to various friends apartments and getting a glimpse into their much more real adult lives, which I am continuing to delay. I’ve been accepted into the South Korean government teaching program so that’s where I’m headed off to next. Currently waiting on the very stressful tight visa processing time, where contracts are only sent to us a few weeks before we start. These contracts are necessary to process our visas, and despite reassurances from my recruiters that it always works out fine I do wish they would sort it earlier!

I also headed back out to my university for the first time since graduating to play in the alumni lacrosse game. Was quite strange heading back onto campus where I have so many memories, and to see all the old team was fantastic. It was certainly tiring playing the match, very different sprinting around compared to the distance running I do now, and the switch from grass to 3G pitch affected the play. We certainly played like a team that hadn’t played or played together for a long time, but it was a lot of fun, and boosted my excitement for the teacher sport leagues that are popular in Korea. Apparently lacrosse isn’t on the list, so I’ll be in search of a new sport to try out.

I’m only here in Spain for a few more weeks, so making the most of them. Before Christmas I returned for another trip to Madrid and also explored the city of Valladolid. Both fantastic trips, especially seeing Madrid all lit up in its Christmas lights and going to watch a Spanish Opera – La del Soto del Parral. I’m heading back to Madrid this weekend, (some of my adult students keep saying I should really head to other major cities, but Madrid is so convenient). I have tickets from my dad to go watch the Real Madrid match, which should be quite the experience.