Tuesday afternoon feels like the first break I’ve had from busyness since sometime last Wednesday. I had a class moved an hour earlier so have had a lovely afternoon with no classes, as opposed to most days where I teach until the end.

I’ve had a very busy weekend and in general just very busy everything. Yesterday was the first evening in a couple of weeks that I’ve had dinner alone; having your own apartment makes you organise activities for most evenings.

Friday night we went out, as will be quite the trait of life in the biggest party city of the South, but I kept it fairly calm so that I was still nice and active for Saturday.

I was helping my friend Sandy move her stuff from her old town Andong to Daegu, with some exploring of the town thrown in as we were there already. It was a quaint place with a nice river walkway that featured a traditional village, (that was nearly completed), and a dam crossing. The town centre was nice, but I am glad I’m living somewhere a bit more lively!

Moving things back was quite the journey – we had three large canvas bags, a big box and a suitcase to move via public transport – so no ajummas pushing us out the way! We got back smoothly, but fairly exhaustedly, so just crashed out Saturday night with lots and lots of take out chicken – delivery here in Korea is too good, it’s dangerous.

Sunday was sport and Korean study. I’m really trying to get to grips with the basics of the language so Tom and I are having weekly classes with Sandy to try and get it down. Still really at the basics, but I kind of feel once we’ve learnt some verbs and got down sentence structure it will hopefully click and we’ll go from mutes to super basic Korean level.

I went out with Tom and Matt to play some soccer that afternoon. After the first pitch we hit up being busy, we ended up on the dirt pitch at my school. We kicked about for a while then were challenged by some kids, who realised who I was and were like “woah Toby teacher”. It was a good game, and we let them stay close to us in the score, but eventually had to win it so that I could keep my respect level at school. Sure enough first thing Monday morning one of the students found me and my co-teacher to tell her the story that we were playing football together at the weekend.

My Monday morning saw all classes cancelled as there was a school trip to a break-dancing concert. Unlike in England where it would be up to the school to have a duty of care during school hours, here the kids were told to meet at the theatre rather than coming to school and when it was finished to make their own way back however they wanted in time for afternoon class. The middle school has kids from aged 12/13 so fairly young to have them venturing across the city solo.

The show was pretty ridiculous to be honest and rather repetitive. It was also really warm and nice and dark in the theatre so maybe I snoozed through a few sections, but on the whole I enjoyed it! Certainly better than having to teach my morning classes.

I currently feel a bit sorry for the classes I teach on a Monday.  They are always the test run for the classes that I will be doing that week, and so get the worst lesson. I’m going to try rehearse next week’s class a bit more so that the Monday lot have it a bit better.