Time is flying here in Korea, the work weeks are over before I even realise and weekends never long enough. Next week will be my 5th week teaching at my school and somehow it’s already April!

I’ve spent the last two weekends away from Daegu – firstly in Gwangju for the opening weekend of the frisbee league I’ve joined..

This involved a very early morning bus ride, then three afternoon games. The most sprinting I’d done in a while so it left me pretty exhausted, but we won all our games so a great start! We didn’t have any games on the Sunday so started partying the Saturday night and pretty much kept going until we got back to Daegu the Sunday evening.

This weekend has been crazy – dashing to the bus station after work on Friday to go to Jinhae for the largest cherry blossom festival in the country. It was beautiful and absolutely packed. We’d planned to just sleep in a jjimjilbang – a kind of sauna spa place – but they were all shut so we ended up cabbing to a nearby town and walking round love motels to barter on room prices at 3am before slipping 5 people into the room – standard ex pat Korean practice and $6 for the night, bargain.

We wandered through more of the blossom on Saturday before taking a very long bus journey to Busan as the crowds and traffic was a nightmare. But we made it and checked into a hostel this time, before finally heading out to eat, drink and continue the celebrations for Matt’s birthday.

Today was Holi Hai, the Indian colour throwing festival that was being held on Haeundae beach in Busan. Hundreds of people braved the breazy weather for several hours of jumping, dancing and getting covered in paint before we decided to go for a polar plunge in the sea to try wash off some of the colour. It was a great vibe!

I’m writing this from my phone on the way back to Daegu, I’m exhausted, about to try grab an hour’s rest before we get in.

I’m less chatty at work on Mondays, the weekends are exhausting, but so much fun. I feel this will become a pattern, I’m away from Daegu again next weekend in Ulsan for the second set of frisbee matches so still no chill time! Every evening this week is already booked up with seeing people, pub quizzes, Korean practice, frisbee – I find myself organising meet ups for a good 10 days in advance as we’re all so busy.

I do only have a 4 day teaching week this week though as it’s my school’s 100th birthday on Friday so celebration day. Then the Saturday is my quarter century birthday – getting old!