Cherry blossom season is almost over here in Daegu, the trees are turning green and a a bit of rain washed away the majority of the remaining colour. They were amazing all around the city, despite their very short life span. I live by a mini urban mountain that gives great views out over the city – it’s only a 20 minute hike to get up to the top – but I found one of the pathways lined with cherry blossom trees, which was beautiful in the sunset.

The end of spring means it has been birthdays galore recently here in Korea. My school celebrated its 100th birthday on Friday and I reached my quarter century mark the following day. This has made for a fun long weekend – with school cancelled on the Friday and replaced with a morning ceremony then a teacher lunch.

The ceremony was pretty hilarious – a mixture of student performances and professionals – everything from traditional music to Italian opera – with a few speeches in-between that everyone found dull – the final speech opening with “this will be short” and receiving the biggest applause of the day. Teacher lunch was a much calmer affair than the staff dinner. It was only the 3rd grade teachers so about 20 of us and it didn’t involve any soju!

I was away this weekend playing more frisbee in Ulsan, so went out Friday evening with Daegu friends, for dinner, drinks, karaoke and dancing – with the ‘bag drinks’ that are popular here doing their job (very cheap and strong cocktails served in a bag not a glass – also rather tasty!)

Here in Korea no-one uses keys, instead we have digital keypads to enter our buildings and apartments. My codes aren’t exactly a secret among my friends as it’s much easier for people to just let themselves in. This led to me finding my apartment all decorated when I got in in the early hours of the morning with balloons, banners and a bucket of soju! Certainly a great way to start my birthday weekend 🙂

The partying kept going over the weekend in Ulsan with some great frisbee games, (we remain undefeated after 7 matches), a fantastic night out then an exhausted journey back in the evening. The struggle Monday morning for work was very real. We now have a 3 weekend break from frisbee until the next round of games – I’m quite excited to have a weekend actually in Daegu and I’m hoping there will be a little bit more chill time.

This week is election week here in Korea. For the past two weeks the vans haven’t stopped blaring their music and people holding signs dancing on various street corners – actually dancing as well – they get quite into it. For us teachers that means a day off! Wooo

Also very excitingly we’ve booked our summer break down to Bali, for some beach and sea time. Booked with Matt and Tom now and maybe others will join when they can get holiday dates confirmed – some schools are very good at letting you know early in advance, whereas others apparently leave you hanging a while. Flights were horribly expensive as it’s peak season and they book up ridiculously fast. I’m actually considering bugging my school for my winter break dates already to see if I can save a bit on the prices. Not sure how well that will go… Bye for now!