Last weekend we finally got a taste of Korean clubbing – with real Koreans! Normally we just hit up the restaurants, bars and norebangs without ever forking out the fee to go into one of the clubs. Also quite a lot of the clubs don’t let in foreigners – the army base just outside Daegu has given Westerners not the best reputation so a lot of places just say no.

On Saturday though we finally took the plunge into the world of the Korean shuffle. See most Koreans don’t really dance in the club, more shuffle around maybe bob their head a little bit. We were out with our most Korean contingent to date – I’d brought a co-teacher and her friend and Tom had also brought a couple of his teachers along, so we had a great Korean-Western mix. We took them first to one of the more Western bars, to sample the strong and tasty bag drinks – on a table that Matt won for us using rock,paper, scissors – then after too many bottles of Soju at norebang we headed up into a club.


It was one of the most insanely loud places I’ve ever been in. You could no way talk to someone next you, and the dancing, yet not really dancing vibe gave it an unusual feel. It was good fun, but not the place I’ll be hitting up often – I prefer bars.

The evening had started at Buddha’s pre-birthday celebrations in the central park, with the letting off of hundreds of lanterns. It was a bit of a long wait for them to finally go up, but they were spectacular when all floating off – the breeze handily carrying them away past the tower.


The weekend was also the hottest to date in Daegu – something appreciated on Saturday when out exploring a local lake and taking a boat out. Not really properly appreciated on the Sunday as I curled up in bed, just about dragging myself downtown in the afternoon. My last weekend in Daegu until mid-June and a fun one at that.