Korea loves its mini holidays and reasons to close schools, and I’m well in favour of this. The most recent closing was for children’s day – where families spend time together. The government actually declared an extra day of holiday the week before to boost spending – my school had already decided it was going to close anyway, but this means someway down the line the school will choose another random day to close its doors.

So four days off from work, and our first extended break really since getting into the flow of teaching. I had my favourite kind of relaxing Thursday morning  – Italian coffee and Jack Johnson – as we’d picked a nice mid-morning train down to Busan where we had an airbnb booked quite literally on the beach.

The weather fluctuated from a bit drizzly to tanning weather and the beach/coast was the focal of our trip. From the Haedong Yonggung Buddhist temple, coated in colourful lanterns for Buddha’s birthday, to frisbee on Haeundae and Gwangalli beach – the seashore was much appreciated.

At nighttime the coast line was lit up with illegal fireworks going off, the battle between the ajummas semi-sneakily selling them to tourists and the guards on their beach buggy who’d ride up and tell people they couldn’t set them off, yet not really able to do anything other than watch them until they’d finished going off, pretty entertaining as we drank our beers on the beach and listened to some classic teenage years songs.

I had to dash off super early on Sunday morning to travel to Pohang where I had another 3 frisbee games back-to-back. I think the combination of the team not being completely hung-over and the fact that our rookie laden squad has now played a couple of months together meant that we played really well and kept up our unbeaten run and top of the league status.

This week has been super easy at work. Classes were cancelled on Wednesday for ‘club day’ and they’re also cancelled tomorrow for sports day. The main sports being a tug of war and various relay races – I am obviously very excited and will be attending in sports attire and find someway to force my participation! Back down to Busan tomorrow evening as I’m in a beach frisbee tournament over the weekend with a different team to usual. Comprised of some of the most experienced guys from Daegu, I’m hoping that I’ll learn a lot, and it will certainly be a fitness test with a huge amount of games to play, all on soft sand.