It’s been a very sporty weekend over here in the land of Korea. Starting on Friday with my school’s sports day.

There were a number of events throughout the day, from conventional relay running races, to more unusual events such as transporting a class member across the field by them only walking on their class mates backs. Each class had been allowed to design and create their own class outfits for the day, which added to the sense of celebration for sports – I’ve featured a few of my favourites below.

I didn’t really have very much to do during the day, as there were no teacher events and I don’t have an individual class to look after, so I just soaked up the sun and wandered between the classes hearing their chants and photoing their outfits. I repped my frisbee jersey for the day, which the kids loved as it has the Korean flag and Hangul writing on it. Here’s me and the history teacher JinYoung – the best Korean English speaker in my school – standing as far apart from each other for a photo – the kids decided we were a couple as we can talk to each other. You can see her classes over excited faces as they were shooed away.


Friday evening I travelled down to Busan as I was playing in a single gender beach tournament over the weekend. We played 7 games over the 2 days, the first set of games on the Saturday in very windy conditions, but luckily no rain on either of the days. Playing on the beach was a ton of fun, with lots of diving not leaving you cut up for a change! I was playing for a different team than I play with in the league, made up of some really experienced Daegu players. I felt I learnt a lot from playing alongside them, and was happy with my overall weekend performance. The team pulled it out the bag we took home the championship. Mandatory team photo below!


And one just before we played a point:


I have next weekend off from sports, planning to go for another hike if the weather permits. Monday is almost over, one of my classes cancelled today so they could do a fire drill instead, and tonight is Game of Thrones, super excited.