I always have a list of things of things that I want to do whilst visiting/living in a country. They usual revolve around seeing certain locations, hiking a certain mountain, eating a specific dish etc. Last weekend I completed one of my cheesier ambitions – to watch K-POP live – and if possible to see Psy. Any artist that had a song become so popular, that it was heard on pretty much repeat anywhere around England is worth watching right?

I’d imagined that I would have to shell out a fair amount of cash to get tickets, but turns out K-POP stars play free events! Yeungnam University on the outskirts of Daegu was throwing an open air concert that featured several K-POP stars and was headlined by none other than Psy! To me, that is pretty much the Korean equivalent of a UK university getting Adele to play at their show, and then making it free to go watch and open to anyone who happens to have found out about it – which if it happened in London would be pretty much the whole capital.

So out we went after work, soju in hand, to get some K-POP. The crowds and the surge that they made towards the stage was insane when bigger acts like 에릭남 (Eric Nam) came on the stage. Fandom for their idols is crazy here, we actually pushed our way backwards a bit so that we’d have enough space to breath. Psy came on last and killed the show – dropping all of his famous songs with an incredible amount of energy to the crowd going while.

See K-POP live – Done.