The final whistle has gone. The last disc caught and final turf burns received. My rookie season playing Korean Ultimate Frisbee is done and our team, Hurricane, have come out champions!

It was a great season, I never knew frisbee could be so tactical or competitive. It also quite the workout, with each point basically a series of suicide sprints constantly cutting to receive or  block the receiver from the disc.

The final was an intense game played under the floodlights. Hurricane were certainly not the crowd favourite, with the local team and second seeds Pohang getting the support – going undefeated all season doesn’t get you the cheers. It was a great game and extremely close, especially in the first half, when we always within a point or two of each other. In the second half our advantage of getting a by through the first round came into play with that little bit of extra energy really boosting us.

The champagne started the night and after finding a motel and all changing into our delightful matching silk blue togas we hit the party bar.

So season one is wrapped up and the league doesn’t re-start until the autumn when teams will be re-shuffled a bit with new players joining and a lot of experienced players switching to play club ultimate for the fall. For the summer it’s just pick up and play games with the odd tournament.

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The big weekend certainly left me drained and last week at work was a drag. I was certainly happy when the Friday afternoon bell went and I could jump on the subway out to the baseball to watch my first Lions victory! Yesterday was a fun few hour hike up the reverse side of a mountain here, Apsan. I did the main trail in my first week in Daegu, but the reverse side was more enjoyable, with the trail less developed and fewer people.

I had plans for dinner and Euro’s watching that evening, but a quick lie down after my shower had me sleeping 13 hours until this morning, my body evidently deciding it was done.

Now I’m feeling much more energised and ready for this week!