The weathers turned to the worse here in Korea with the monsoon rain coming down hard and forecasted to stay that way for the coming week. How I miss the spring, with weeks of blue sky; grey is the current colour.

I’ve just had the past week desk warming whilst the students have been sitting their final exams. I’ve been preparing my summer camp, which is themed around Modern Art. I’m excited to run it, despite the fact I lack all form of artistic talent. I’ve also spent a fair bit of time just reading at my desk, listening to music. No one minds how I spend my time and I feel some of the teachers think it’s silly that my contract forces me to come in, but there you go.. My Google photos has never been more organised! Now it’s the final two weeks of term and so I’m doing either food classes or a pub quiz – real teaching is over until September.

I wrote this about the highs and lows of moving on so often and the impacts it has on relationships in this digital age.