Monsoon season is a pretty risky time to rent out a bus and drive 3+ hours out to the beach for a weekend of outdoor fun times, but that’s exactly what my weekend plans were with a large group of frisbee people to celebrate birthdays and leaving dates.

We got very lucky with the weather and the rain stayed away all weekend – sun cream was even necessary! The weekend was a pretty alcohol heavy one – with drinking game competitions on the Saturday followed by beach frisbee until it got dark then an evening swim.

Namhae was beautiful, with the mountains curving around the bay where we were staying. The Sunday was more of the same. Sun, sand, games and swimming. Our bus driver then proceeded to get lost on the drive home so we didn’t get back till pretty late. Then I woke up at 4am to watch the (slightly disappointing) Euro finals. As you can imagine I’m full of energy today!

This is the final week of classes so we’re watching Wallace and Gromit with my third graders whilst my first graders are doing a food lesson. Supplies have started coming in for my summer camp which is the later parts of next week and this afternoon I’m judging a singing competition. Definitely an end of term feel around the school – 3 weeks until I fly down to Indonesia – excitement is building!