School’s out and summer is here! The temperatures have soared into the 30s and the humidity means I’m very welcome for the school’s ac after my 5 minute walk. The students don’t get to rest here in Korea though – with the majority still going to their academy every day and the various departments in school putting on summer camps for students to attend.

I’d been given the task of organising and running the English Camp for 3 days. I chose to do it straight after term ended so that the kids wouldn’t be completely in holiday mode and went for the theme of modern art – simply because I wanted to try these geometric canvases that I’d seen somewhere on the internet. I have pretty limited artist skills – so the theme amused some – but it was a very loose theme and I mainly just did my favourite camp activities from Italy.

So we had a few days of balloon games, egg drop, icing decorating and creating our canvases. I was the only teacher with the students so all instructions were in English and the only way to ask me a question was, obviously, in English. When they were in their groups creating contraptions to protect their egg or deciding what colours to use on their canvas I have no problem with them using Korean – the purpose of camp is to make their mornings fun – the academies can drill them with dull grammar rules.

I love teaching camps – hence why I’ve done 3 summers in Italy – and this one was just as fun, even though I did miss having other international tutors to work alongside. This one went as well as any – my co-teachers job for the three days is apparently to call up any families when the kids don’t show up for a day – normally common with camps as they bail to go play in the PC room or something. I had 100% attendance for camp, which made me very happy, and allowed my co-teacher to have 3 days of napping in her office.

Now camp is over and I’m on office duty until my holiday mid-next week. Seven days of 9 -5 with nothing really pressing that needs doing. Day one is going well and moving by pretty quickly – but I’m worried by day four I’ll be going slightly crazy.

Here’s a quick video of summer camp fun times 🙂