My first weekend in Daegu in a month also happily coincided with the annual Daegu Chimek Festival. Chicken in Korean is 치킨 and beer is 맥주  – so put together and you get 치맥 – the chicken and beer festival. The largest central park in Daegu, Duryu Park, becomes filled with tents selling lots of different beers and chicken along with a main stage featuring pretty big K-Pop stars – the opening night being headlined by Sistar.

Along with more chicken and beer than you could imagine were lots of fair games where we won snacks and fans along with getting onto tv for playing beer pong. The festival was on for 5 days and we went to 3 of them – we love beer and chicken!



The weekend overall was awesome, starting with Friday evening of sushi and rooftop drinks before discovering a local temple perched atop a hill near my apartment Saturday morning and yet another gem of a restaurant. I’ve only spent about 7/8 weekends in Daegu since I moved here, so there’s still a ton of places I’m yet to explore. This Confucian temple was completely deserted and so peaceful to walk around – even if the heat and humidity of the day meant a constant shine of sweat on me.

Saturday afternoon was some casual pickup frisbee out in East Daegu. I took multiple tops as within about 30 minutes of playing in one it became so sodden that I had to change into a fresh one. My laundry machine seems to be on pretty much every other day at the moment; humidity here is no joke.

Sunday was a trip to the extremely crowded but still refreshing outdoor swimming pool and then, yes, more time at the festival to round out the weekend including a very wet walk back as the humidity finally cracked to an insane thunderstorm.

Today is my last day of desk-warming (YES!) and this evening we have our bus up to Inchon airport where we’ll sleep in the Jjimjilbang to hopefully be semi refreshed for our morning flight tomorrow. In regards to my post yesterday about being an adult myself and the guys all purchased medical insurance for our two week trip this morning. We decided this was definitely a very adult move to make.