Back in school and the full routine of teaching. It was quite a shock getting back into it after close to 2 months since real teaching ended, but I’m slowly getting there.

The fall frisbee season is also warming up, my weeknight and weekend schedule is now pretty packed until mid-November with the amount of red pen of notes on my monthly planner making me think I won’t be getting much rest until Christmas – but this is a good thing – I’m excited for everything to get going. I missed the crazy weekends away and constant weekends of sport more than I expected during the summer break, and now that I know a lot of the players better I feel it will only keep getting better.

I took my final free Sunday for a couple of months to go and explore a sight that I last saw when first arriving into Daegu from my Busan orientation. The very unusually shaped ‘Arc’ way out in East Daegu.

Daegu does free bike rental from a variety of subway stops around the city – the only downside that they must be returned to the same place they were picked up. There was one near-ish the river so we picked up bikes and went to explore the pathways down there and the Arc – which features some artistic installations in and around it and is basically a big rest stop for the many cyclists that enjoy using the waterside pathways. It is the same pathway that I run on near my apartment – I’m meaning to do a longish run from the Arc all the way back to mine – about 30km – just needing a free evening when I have fresh-ish legs to do it – easy said than done.

Here’s some pics of the adventure, with also a few from Keimyung University that we cycled through and had some beautiful buildings.

This weekend I’m out to Pohang to play in my first hat tournament – where I’ll be playing alongside a different group to usual and with players from other cities. It’s also the final beach tournament of the summer, so the last time to layout without skin being ripped off and ginger walks to work on Mondays.