The clock ticks by and it gradually gets closer to lunch time. The biggest boost to my day; most needed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after teaching three straight classes.

Give me good food and I am happy. It can take a mediocre day and make it great; or alternatively, it can ruin a good day.

I am lucky with my school lunches. To start with they’re self serve – and so I self serve myself generously. This also means I can choose what I’m putting into my tray slots. Do I really want to use up a precious slot with that daily Kimchi or could I really squeeze a couple of extra sticky ribs in there? I’ll go ribs thanks.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

This is certainly my relationship with school lunches. I’ll admit by the end of term one I was slightly over them, having had pretty much all combinations of the Korean food that the lunch ladies can make for 1500 people. Maybe the lunch ladies were also a bit tired of doing it that term and so, like my lazy end of term video  lessons, they were not going for their best lunches. Yet after a month of having to survive sourcing my own lunch, albeit half of that whilst sunning myself in Indonesia, I was very excited for their return.

What a return it has been. We’ve had killer lunches pretty much every day, and so I half walk, half skip my way down to the lunchroom in excitement for what will be in the trays.

Lunches here are nearly always Korean food. I’m thankful for this. The few times they have attempted pasta or done hot dogs, it is just no way near as good. They consist of rice, a soup, some form of veg, kimchi and then the main meat dish, which could be some type of curry, or just meat. The food is healthy, nutritious and filling (did I mention it is self-serve). And all this for the grand price of about 2 pounds a day.

The day I go back to a job where I have to make my own lunch will be a sad one.