My weekends have been there usual busy selves.

When my friend Georgie strongly recommended that I join ultimate frisbee when I moved out to Korea it came with the warning – “It’s easy for it take over your life”.

How correct she was in her warning and I have (quite happily) let it happen. The autumn season is yet to officially start, but the past few weeks have just been frisbee, frisbee, frisbee as the end of summer is celebrated and trainings get going for the new season.

We’ve started having some great practices with my old team from last season, Hurricane.  Mac, (captain), somehow managed to keep the team together again and we’re looking really strong already. I’ve also been out in Pohang, playing in a hat tournament – where you find out your team of new faces on the day and also to Daejeon where I practiced yesterday with a club level team – the level about the social league which was a lot of fun and alongside new people again.


The Pohang beach tournament was a ton of fun, despite the weather on Sunday giving us everything it had. The forecast for the entire weekend had been terrible, so we got really lucky to have a day of sun, even if it was insanely windy making throwing pretty tough. Pohang always delivers on its nights out and that weekend was no different – I was very glad our team wasn’t playing until 11am on the Sunday – the teams that started at 10 were apparently quite short on players.

The storm that hit Sunday was insane. Crazy rain and winds meant we were all clumped together under the two tents trying to stay warm in-between our games. It was still a lot of fun whilst playing, but you froze pretty quick afterwards. We lost by a single point in the quarters and jumped straight on buses to get home and warm! I had an awesome team though and we rocked the cool yellow jerseys that came with entry.

Training yesterday in Daejeon meant another new group of players. Most that I’ve met before briefly in tournament weekends, but never had the opportunity to play alongside. The club players have a ton of experience so I learnt a lot from the day that will help in the coming season and it was great to get to know them more. The fluidity that comes with playing with people for a while obviously wasn’t there for me, but the skill level was high and I picked up on a few things to take forward.


Now I’m back into school. Done teaching for the day, (by 10:15am), we’re off to a musical this afternoon. My timetable for the week reads

Monday evening: Frisbee/football and Mr. Robot.

Tuesday evening: Frisbee throwing

Wednesday evening: Fitness training and frisbee pick-up

Thursday evening: Hurricane frisbee training

Friday evening: Frisbee and drinking

You can see the pattern. Have a great week!