I’m back not working today with mid-terms starting up for my poor students. Not an awful lot to blog about really everything has been ticking over as usual.

Last weekend I was back at the beach with Hurricane for a jam packed weekend of six games. We didn’t play very well, whilst still managing to unconvincingly scrape 5 out of 6 wins, the matches were all very tough and we were deservedly beaten by a very good Daegu Tsunami team.

Our squad this season is huge and everyone has been committed to turning up. This has led to issues getting everyone enough playing time and also meaning we’re not gelling right at the moment. Sand makes things messier, so I’ll be glad to get back onto turf for the next matches and hopefully we can start to play the style of frisbee we should be playing.

The weather was absolutely amazing for the beach though! The best weather we’ve had all season and chilling on the beach between and after games was great 🙂

This weekend is a long weekend! I’m going down to do some touristy un-frisbee related sight-seeing of Busan before running the half marathon on Sunday morning. I’d set myself a fairly ambitious target of around 1 hour 30. My lack of training and the bad weather forecast for the weekend has got me thinking that may be slightly faster than I can manage, but something to aim for. Then I’m off to visit Hodel’s new home city of Jinju for its annual lantern and firework festival.