I’ve been very grateful to only have had to teach one class today. My body is the sorest it has felt in a long time and teaching feels like a lot of effort.

My weekend was spent playing frisbee out in beautiful Ulsan, but not for Hurricane, instead for Daejeon Dragons. The tournament was a club level one, so a higher standard of play than the usual League matches, but many of the same players. Our team hadn’t had much opportunity to train together, but we quickly gelled over the weekend and had some pretty nice play with periods of great teamwork.

We played a total of 7 games over the weekend, winning 4 and losing 3, placing us exactly halfway down the rankings. Three of our victories all came down to universe points – where the game is tied and it’s the next point that wins it. That gives you an idea of the intensity of the matches, both teams trading points back and forth until the end. It was a lot of sprinting and laying out onto the turf leaving me with the usual burns up my body.

Watching the other top teams play was also great, with the fast movement of the disc and seamless throwing something to aim for! I only messed up on a few occasions throughout the tournament and was happy with how I played. Despite stretching out as properly as I ever do and keeping my protein high I knew today was going to be a sore one and it certainly has been.

I found out this morning though that I had placed sixth overall in the Busan half marathon and won in my age group. As I said in my previous blog post, I started way back in the running pack, so wasn’t really sure where I’d placed. I’d thought top 50 hopefully top 20, so to find out I was sixth was quite a boost and will help push me through the soreness of the 10km I’ll run this evening either side of frisbee and football. Starting a new series with the guys tonight, Sense8. I had it strongly recommended to me, so very much looking forward to it. Other than that it’s business as usual.