Work this week has again been super easy. Korean schools seem to take all their fun trips and activities before the students’ exams happen, so I’ve taught 5 lessons over a total of 3 days, with zero classes today. Not exactly sure what I’m going to do when we have 7 straight weeks with no break and exams done and dusted. Hopefully the school will surprise me with random events that cancel all my classes; I’ve already been warned that the kids aren’t going to pay any attention.

I’ve had a sport filled week as per, although slightly damped by my first dealings with Korean police, in fact any police really.

Had a bit of a freak accident on Monday evening when, whilst trying to recreate Ozil’s beautiful volley from the weekend’s football, kicked the ball out of the school yard. On jogging out to go see where it had landed found some Korean guy examining his very new looking car and having already called the police. I was a bit like, really, but okay. They took their time coming so we went back to playing and when the police arrived they didn’t really seem to do much. Agreed with the guy their was a tiny dent in the side and left, didn’t ask for names, identity, phone numbers or anything.

There was zero English being spoken and I was saved by having Korean friends that could call and translate for me. The guy wanted either 200 000 won (120 pounds ish) or we would have to find a time to go to a car garage together to repair the dent and I would have to pay whatever the cost was. It kind of felt like deal or no deal – pay what he wanted or risk the mystery of a Korean car garage. The process was dragging out quite a long time, the guy had been there probably over an hour, for a mark so small that I feel that if it had been 90% of other cars, they wouldn’t have stuck around; very bad luck.

I did some googling and calling and basically felt 200 000 seemed expensive for attaching a suction cup and popping the dent up, you couldn’t actually see it face on only if you were at a very specific angle with the light right. But I also didn’t want to deal with the added time and stress of accompanying this guy to a garage. I’d offered 100 000 which he had initially said no to, but on seeing that I was pretty seriously considering the latter option of coming along to everything accepted it. My Korean friend had apparently been giving a  glowing character reference of me whilst translating and also told me that the guy was very nice, it was just a new car and he didn’t want any marks on it. So the most expensive kick about I’ve ever had, but it could have been much worse.

Having to hand over the equivalent of a week’s rent doubley sucked as I’d just bought an expensive new sports watch so wasn’t feeling swell with cash. It did arrive over the weekend though and so after setting it up on Monday at work I was excited to give it a try. I’d been feeling up for it over the weekend when we had our frisbee matches, so played pretty hard. We came through all the matches, but I was left with quite a few cuts and bruises so was still feeling pretty sore as I headed out for my 10km loop.

I’d planned on just taking it steady, but suddenly having this accurate pace information made me push pretty hard to get the numbers high. It’s my first time running with anything that can accurately measure me and something I’ll have to get used to. It was difficult to not glance at my wrist every other stride to see how I was doing and it eventually destroyed me. I was trying to run to the watch and not to my body and so after 7km my body reacted with quite a bit of lactic acid that I never fully recovered from and ended up running significantly slower than usual, with my average pace being almost 10 seconds slower than my half marathon pace was.

Getting back I linked up my watch with the app and was presented with the route map, charts and graphs detailing each kilometre of the run. Once I’ve logged in a few of my routes I can then start to race against myself, with the watch letting me know how far ahead or behind I am based on my best time. I have a feeling I’m going to get a bit obsessive over it!


Oh and it also works as an mp3 player, wireless syncing with bluetooth headphones, retiring my long serving iPod to travel journeys. I’d never been bothered by the small wire that I fed inside my shirt, but suddenly not having it I felt so much freer! Maybe a semi placebo effect, but now that I’ve run without the cable I wouldn’t want to go back.