I’ve had my first weekend off from frisbee in several weeks and made the most of it getting out into the cooling Daegu weather either on foot or on bikes.

I hustled myself up early on Saturday to get down to Will’s and get set up on one of his many mountain bikes. It was my first time out on the hills in a couple of years, since I left Aus, and my main aim of the morning was to stay on the bike! There were a lot of trails nearby his apartment, which I struggled up without a granny gear and after an hour or so found my comfort on the downhill sections. I had one close graze with a tree, but stayed on the entire time.

I didn’t leave for the rest of the day, as Will brewed some home brew beer and I chilled drinking it until the other guys arrived in the evening for Poker – I game I just don’t have the patience for and duly was the second person out. This allowed me to focus more on the football games that were on in the background!

On Sunday morning, the weather was amazing, with clear blue skies and a crispness in the air. I rallied fairly early to head out to Palgongsan about an hour north of Daegu to check out Donghwasa temple and the hiking around it. The colors were stunning and the hike also a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday in the sun. All rounded off with hideously expensive, but tasty, coffee.