Mmmmm coffee. I’ve found some delicious local coffee spots recently as I’ve had some consecutive chilled weekends in Daegu for pretty much the first time since I arrived in Korea. Winter has arrived and so wrapping up warm, playing some games in cafes or just relaxing with a book has been heavily in order.

It’s been over a month since I’ve last posted! The cold weather also brought on a bit of a cold that knocked me out for a few weeks and I discovered Korea’s love of prescribing countless medicines to treat people. At one point I was on a fun 15 pills a day, for basically a sore throat. I’m all healed up now in time for Christmas 🙂

Frisbee league has finished for the season, but I’ve still managed to keep fairly active and palyed in a fun (yet freezing) tournament and did some indoor training to go to with a beach side breakfast cooked up the following morning! Despite Korea being cold, there are lots of lovely sunny winter’s day.


I’ve been down in Busan again doing some more hiking, seeing some temples and discovering just how bad I am at screen golf – much to the amusement of my American friends who played in college. It is one of my favourite cities to visit as it has so much, and is so conveniently located.

Work wise my classes have all finished academic work for the year. We’re onto Christmas lessons and a few them are getting to watch a movie. This Friday I’m putting on an English Christmas festival. Basically I’ve been giving my students paper $1 bills all term as rewards for good participation. Last term I had a little shop and they could buy candy whenever. Decided I was spending far too much of my money buying the kids candy, so this term changed it up and said I was putting on this festival; and now I actually have to deliver! One of my first grade co-teachers is being my main link with the school in organising it and has gotten me a $300 budget – which is way higher than the $50 I was planning to spend on it all – so there will be a ton of prizes. I’ve made a few fairground games and then they’ll be a raffle where most of the kids money will end of up going. I’ve got my fingers crossed it will go smoothly, we’ll see!

Christmas in Korea is a bigger than I thought it would be, with the country not having any vacation for the holiday. Many areas around the city are decorated with lights and decorations and you can’t escape Christmas music wherever you are it turns out. I’ve got a couple of Christmas gatherings/parties coming up this weekend – turkey will be in short supply though I fear – Korea just doesn’t do ovens – so it will be pot luck dinners, but still nice and Christmassy.