It’s vacation time again in Korea and my school has returned to its eerily quiet state with just a handful of teachers in each day. A building made to house 1500 is certainly weird to wander round when it’s deserted. My next class that I teach will be in March.

In March.

So that’s over two months with no classes, but a mandate that I have to be in the office. I’m more prepared for desk warming than I was in the summer. This will be a significantly longer stretch with nothing to do, but I’ve got my puzzle book to try keep my brain function, a Kindle loaded up with books and I’m using up my lunch hour to go running and then just eat lunch at my desk afterwards. Hopefully I’ll still be sane when the spring starts to roll in.

This first stretch won’t be too bad. Next week I get to escape to a friend’s school to mess about help out with running their winter camp. Then it’s just a week until my month long trip in the Philippines! Many hours procrastinating about what to do whilst out there has and will continue to be spent. It will be the 4 week stretch post vacation that I’ll have to push through.