This year started off much more promisingly than the last, no days long hangover, instead up early and out onto the slopes. Despite only having a few hours of sleep, something about the mountains, snow and skiing blows away the remnants of alcohol and gets me going. Coupled with the cute Korean lift attendants and their Happy New Year waves as you went through the gates it was a perfect way to start of 2017!

Skiing in Korea can’t even be compared to Japan. You have to ski on the runs, powder isn’t a thing and within a few hours you’re kind of done lapping the one black run that is open. Saying that, the snow wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, a few icy patches, but pretty soft and great just to be out riding again after nearly 2 years away.

I went to the slopes with Kal and the people from his academy. They’d organised a van and a pension right by the slopes. It was a weekend of zero organisational effort for me. A lot of them hadn’t skied before and their attempts on the bunny hill were fairly comical at times, a couple of yard sales and a few kids taken out, but most of them got the hang of it.

Korea did have night skiing which was awesome, so I went out with the guy who had skied a bit, and got him down his first black run, until our passes expired at 10:30. We only just got back to the pension before midnight and our first drinks were the ‘champagne’ to see in the New Year. The late drinking session that followed meant it was only me that had the energy the next morning to get back onto the snow.

I started off this week helping out at friend’s winter camp. A bit of a trek away, but nicer than just sitting in the office. We had a fun couple of days playing games, creating sickly sweet snacks and watching movies, not really a lot of English, but that’s hardly the point -they still have to understand us. All over now, so the desk warming one-week countdown until vacation starts is on!