Today is my final day of desk-warming season. The long stretch since returning from vacation a few weeks ago to now has gone surprisingly quickly. If I try and find something productive I have achieved whilst sat here, I tend to draw a blank, but the hours procrastinating haven’t felt as draggy as I initially imagined.

The first week flew by with Cornelia visiting. Every evening there was a new thing in Daegu that I wanted to show her, (mainly restaurants), and I didn’t get round to ticking off every box – the food is just too good! Our weekend up in Seoul was less of the sightseeing and more of the bar seeing. The one day we tried to look round places was so bitterly cold that combined with our hangovers just had us retreating to the coffee shops. She had a couple of days after I came back to work to properly see the sights.

Back alone in Daegu for a couple of weeks, but still busy as I sorted out moving to a new apartment.My place has been nice for the past year, but a bit small and I’d discovered that rent prices around me were slightly lower than my accommodation allowance so I could make some extra money on my new place. It was also the fact I just wanted a change. I’ve never lived outside the UK for so long without moving and I wanted a new set of walls around me. My new place is lovely – bigger, better, slightly less garish wallpaper, and a queen size memory foam bed – a big step up!

Here’s my new address:

#201, Changgyeong Village
35-5, Goseong-ro 15-gil,
Seo-gu, Daegu
South Korea

Organising my move and furniture managed to take up lots of office time. Communicating with the various Koreans and Westerners that were helping me out with it. I’ve spent quite a while just writing my Philippines blogs and reading other people’s writings – a news site called Mother Hen had some really interesting in depth articles that I’ve been enjoying.

My Thursdays were often spent in a semi doze state, one time retreating to my classroom to nap. Wednesdays seemed to turn into going out nights and when there is really no need to be fully functioning at work the next day you suddenly find yourself coming home at 4am with three other people crashing in your apartment.

I’ve also tentatively started training for an ultra-marathon I’ve signed up for in June. I picture work this year to be fairly straightforward, a repeat of last year. So as I’m not being challenged here I needed to find a different area to challenge myself. My uncle, who has already got himself through an iron man, 100km run that he enjoyed (?) enough to be doing his second one, sent me a training plan that he uses. I’ve been trying to stick to it these first couple of weeks, but it can be difficult around my work, social and frisbee life. I also made the rookie mistake of overrating the shape I’m in, when really I haven’t done any proper distance running for a couple of months – leaving myself far too tight and aching, not able to properly train. I’ve backed off a bit and trying to ease myself into what may be a bigger challenge than I’d initially thought.

As part of my training I’ve bought a road bike, for fitness training that gives my knees a bit of a break. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a bike and zooming along the river cycle path is a ton of fun. The downside is that Korea is terrible for cyclists. There’s no cycle lanes, cars swerve about with abandon and bikes are expected to ride on pavements where pedestrians are almost as much of a hazard. Bikes are apparently also one of the few things that actually get stolen, so my bike is very much being used for training rides rather than a new way to get downtown.

The weather is also very slowly starting to warm up. Frisbee season preparations are gradually filling my calendar and the light is returning in the evenings! Tomorrow is the Independence Movement Day, so a red day on the calendar. I’m going up north a couple of hours for a wintery hike amongst snowy scenery. It’s a 5:30am start, but my first hike in ages so I’m super excited!