The buds on the trees at my school are now starting to appear and the evenings are getting lighter – enough for Tom and I to start having a kick about again. I am super excited for the coming of spring and not having to be so layered up whenever heading out.

The past weekend was spent up at High One ski resort for a final ski before even the artificial snow melts. We had a fantastic trip – with super warm skiing weather and enough fun slopes to keep us entertained for the weekend. It was a pretty playful weekend, but everyone still improved a fair bit, with everyone riding down one of the advanced runs by the end.

We skipped the night skiing session over putting in two full days, preferring a warm weekend to one where we had to wrap up. The only chill coming from when we ran back from the hot tubs over snow to our accommodation in just towels – my feet were burning by the end.

Ski gear now going away until next winter and soon all my jumpers will follow suit. Beach season is just around the corner!