Things are ticking slowly back into their usual routine.

I’m into my third full week of teaching and I’m not sure if it’s because the kids are better this year, I’m better at dealing with them or that I just don’t think about it as much, but my classes all seem really good so far. Comparing my notes on classes from this time last year to now, there is a lot less of ‘energetic and lively’ codewords for ‘don’t listen and trouble’, and much more of just ‘excellent’. I no longer have to plan my lessons from scratch, instead just refine what I was doing last year.

Much of my free time goes into planning the teachers’ classes which now have an attendance of ten! I’m having to be a lot more prepared than I was last year when it was just a couple and we chatted about various topics. Now I have worksheets and activities for them to complete in pair or small groups.

I’ve had some great spring days here at the weekend – a day out at the beach and one up at the pitches in Daegu – both, unsurprisingly, for frisbee. I’m super excited for this season to get going. I’m playing for all new teams and the winter break now feels long. Season openers are this weekend.

I’ve matched fun frisbee days with a couple of fun, but heavy nights out. I managed to get into a normally ‘no-foreigner’ club in Korea and finally saw what they’re like. Not as great as I’d hoped. Kind of a standard club, but with smoking and more stares as people wondered why a waygook was inside.

A big negative about Korea is how it’s decades behind in openness towards sexuality. You don’t meet gay Koreans, especially not in conservative Daegu, and many of my perfectly lovely Korean friends will talk about homosexuality in a strange way. So to be stood in a Korean club and see all the Korean guys bobbing along to ‘It’s Raining Men’ has undertones of hilariousness.

These heavy nights have been playing havoc with my training. I’ve completed what is the ‘base’ month of my training, managing to semi-follow the routine, but often having to improvise to fit it around everything else in my life. My long slowish runs are up to the mid 20s and I’ll be doing my first over 30k run this week. I’m needing to improve my warmups and stretching, as I’ve always been terrible at doing them, just going out running off the bat. It has worked fine until now – but at around 20k the other week my thigh tweaked and left me with some discomfort for some days.

A very roughly followed training schedule

I have an official marathon at the start of April. It should be a beautiful one being named the ‘Cherry blossom marathon’. I’m not aiming to set any fast time for it – just using it as a milestone on the way to the ultra.