My last day of 25 was spent at 25. Degrees that is. The weather decided to produce the best day of the year so far and gave Tom and I glorious hiking weather in nearby Gayasan National Park.

The biggest advantage of the park is the direct bus to the temple at the base of it. So we didn’t have to start as early as with other parks, giving me a couple of extra hours to throw off the effects of sampling the new spring beer range at a local craft brewery. 20170408_111002-EFFECTSIt was so nice to be out in heat hiking up, and a stark comparison from last month’s slippery snow hike. There was still a tiny bit of evidence that winter has only just departed with some ice packed away in shadowy enclaves on the summit, but for us the day was shorts and a t shirt as we made our way up to the rocky outcrop double summit at 1400m.

We cruised back into Daegu in the early evening leaving plenty of time to shower and change before meeting up with friends downtown for my birthday. An evening of BBQ, brownies, bag drinks, beer, shots and ice cream cake made me feel very loved and I woke on my actual birthday with the gift of a not too bad hangover so able to get out and put in some more training for my ultra.


Mileage is starting to pick back up now that the legs have recovered from the marathon. I went for the nicest run of the year last night with perfect weather conditions – crisp air after the morning’s rain, but a sunny 15 degrees evening. I’ve been struggling a bit really with training – the enjoyment I normally get from running fading as I just have to grind out miles on miles to try and get my legs ready. I’m hoping that the boost in weather will boost my morale in these crucial months.