It’s been a crazy non stop month of frisbee with my club team Boom! Two great weekends of competition – first nationals in Gyeongju on some beautiful grass pitches and then a weekend of sun and fun playing on the beach of Haeundae in Busan.

In nationals we just came up short, losing our tough semi-final by one point, but closing out with a clean win to take third. It was a fun weekend though, despite the fact that there was a lack of a party due to people taking the competition a bit more seriously.

A week later we arrived on the beach for a fun/semi-serious competition on the beach. There were a ton of teams – some established and others just made for the tournament, with several pools meaning that your opponents were around the same skill level of you. We started really strongly on the Saturday, but then the midday beers started and our gameplay in the afternoon wasn’t so great. The party that night was a ton of fun though and a slightly later start on the Sunday and some good fortune meant I dodged the hangover and was ready for Sunday games. We stepped it up on the Sunday playing some great points and really coming together as a team ending up as champions.

You can follow my Boom team on facebook where we have lots of photos and videos from matches – our next tournament is at the start of July.

My grandparents had arrived just before the Busan competition and I’d just started to show them Korea, so it was great that they got to see some fun Ultimate and see how I spend a lot of my time here in Korea. Here’s a snapshot of the recent frisbee and a post on my grandparent’s visit will be up shortly.