One of the many reasons I love Korea is the copious amounts of ‘red days’ that are on the calendar. Last week was the Korean equivalent of remembrance Sunday, so the schools shut mid-week for a nice little break.

I went out for a short hike with a Korean teacher friend, Jinyoung, to see Gatbawi , a lucky Buddhist statue, commonly frequently by people wanting good luck for their children during exams. It’s located in Palgong mountain range which I’ve been up to twice before, but always on the opposite side, so hadn’t seen Gatbawi. It was a nice climb up and a good way to get my legs going again after my run.

Gatbawi was a bit smaller than I’d expected, but he was still pretty cool with his rock perched atop his head. It was fairly busy with people praying and giving their donations. Obviously all the parents worried about my speaking test that has started this week.


The view out from the top was nice, even on a bit of a grey day. With the edge of Daegu evident in the distance.


We looped down the other side to a small, but pretty temple, before climbing the 1400 or steps to get to Gatbawi for a second time!


A lovely way to spend a mid-week morning off.